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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 15:55:43 PST

From: Jeff Miller <>

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 08:40:28PM -0000, wrote:
> From:
> I do think that it would be worthwhile for us to figure
> out how to make Augment/NLS available in some form
> for the group to use. What I remember from the early
> '80s at Tymshare were features that are still not available
> in our systems. I think it would help us build our DKR
> if we had the right tools to do it. We have lots of ideas but
> I think we need to move into a concrete plan of action.
> Perhaps, we need to set some objectives for what we'd like
> to accomplish during the colloquium in terms of building
> the DKR.

I too would like to see a system design discussed. specific examples would
be good.

As a start, how about taking a specific document and comparing possible
methods on encoding, storage, searching, etc ? these are generalised
concepts. We could then move onto referring to specific points
(paragraphs, lines, sentences, words), annotating the document,
versioning, summarisation, etc?

Anyone have a list of features we can test against to see if we meet all
the requirements?

At the moment I'm leaning towards an xml encoding style as that is going
to be wide spread and well understood with such work as cml (chemical
markup language) which someone mentioned earlier.

Does anyone know of any work in other fields using xml to encode their own
needs in xml?

Encoding is all well and good, but one of the main problems I think we're
going to face once the data has been retrieved is to present/display it in
a reconisable form to the user. Do we need (sub-)interpreters for every
use of xml? Or, can we encode presentation infomation with, by reference,
the document. The emerging uses of xml present us with the realisation
that extensible also has to apply to the viewing mechanism. Taking a quick
glance at cml ( it seems that they rely on java
to interprete and display cml. This is an improvement over the mess of
plug-ins that could have been relied upon, but is there a method that
exists or that could be developed that does not rely on executable code?

While writing this I went searching for some possible examples and came
across the following;

Annotated XML Specification

The DocBook homepage

As usual I seem to have half answers which lead to many more question
than I can find answers for. If I had twice as many hours in a day I still
doubt I could read all that is necessary. This alone seems to suggest the
need for a DKR with summaries and collaboration with others.


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