[unrev-II] Re: Note on DKR editing

From: benay@dara-abrams.com
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 08:50:29 PST

From: benay@dara-abrams.com

Henry -

I think the issue of DKR editing is very important and
should be included in our discussion at this point.

The D in DKR indicates the dynamic nature of both the
knowledge and the repository.

I am continually updating documents that I write and we
really want members of a NIC to collaborate on editing
documents in the DKR. I think that OHS's capabilities
in this area are really important.

So, I think that the DKR editing issue goes beyond
the issue of the author wanting to correct errors to the
whole issue of updating documents, collaborative editing,
and keeping the knowledge in the repository current. As
we learn new things, we need to update the repository.
Sometimes what we learn contradicts previous knowledge
and that needs to be addressed as well. This is a real
knowledge management issue as well as a DKR editing issue.



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