Re: [unrev-II] Am I the only dummy around here?

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 21:29:01 PST

From: Henry van Eyken <>

Thank, Eric, for giving this some thought.

Communication technology is in a state of transition (which already is being
overtaken by another transition!), therefore there are things we just have
to put up with. I suppose that others in the same boat as I am would
consider the availablity of transcripts keyed to individual slides that can
be seen with a slide viewer will pretty well do the trick.

I know that transcripts are forthcoming (and I am trampling with
impatience!). I uploaded to my server packages of individual slides ordered
by session and speaker. As suggested by Peter, I did a posting about that
earlier today.

Once I (we) we have the transcrips, we can try to catch up on the sessions
and only then get into the discussions in a meaningful way.


Eric Armstrong wrote:

> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> Jon Winters wrote:
> >
> > I'm following along reading all the posts. I'm a little dissappointed
> > with the list. (35 of 1200 folks taking the class)
> >
> > We might want to start a thread discussing the factors that might have
> > caused the failure.
> >
> Good idea. But the most important input to that discussion comes
> from the people who are *not* involved.
> Maybe we need to send out an email survey to all the registrants
> asking:
> --which sessions they viewed
> --what they expected
> --what they thought about the content
> --what they thought about the format
> --are they following the online discussions
> if so: What comments do they have
> if not: Reason:
> . couldn't get signed up
> . not enough time
> . content uninteresting
> (Would be more interested in discussions on...)
> . other...
> --suggestions for improving the colloquia
> --suggestions for improving the online discussion
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