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From: Jeff Miller (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 15:01:48 PST

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    From: Jeff Miller <>

    On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 12:04:27PM -0500, wrote:
    > A Typewriter Glove would slip on one hand. The hand could be in any position,
    > such as resting lightly on one's stomach while lying down, or in one's lap
    > while sitting. Sensors in the joints of the glove would input to the
    > computer, and a simple combination of finger positions could easily represent
    > more than the entire ASCII key set and all abbreviations. It would be
    > somewhat like signing (using sign language) and could even be patterned
    > similarly. I do not know sign language, so cannot speak for that.

    Using sign langauge with a glove would not be that bad an idea. Although,
    every deaf person in the place would be eavsdropping on that private email
    of yours, plus you'd get some strange looks from people around you. But
    with practice it might be possible to develop contracted signs that could
    be "typed" with your hand at your side. You could walk and type at the
    same time or with on public transport. I wouldn't recommend driving and
    typing though.

    Offhand, I'd suggest fibres for the sensor in the glove as they're hard
    wearing and immune to many enviromental factors - type underwater. Simply
    pulse a laser down each fibre and measure the time it takes for each
    reflection to come back. The time to the reflection would tell you the if
    and where a bend was, the intencity of the reflection would tell you how
    sever the bend is - not that you'd measure this last one as all you care
    about is that a bend is greater than some threshold.


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