Re: [unrev-II] Another interesting activity: Athenium's TeamThink

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 16:00:07 PST

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    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute wrote:

    > Company started by Chuck Dornbush, once an ARC software developer:
    > Athenium's first student-centered, collaborative, web-based e-Learning
    > tool, TEAMThink, now in place at universities and corporations. I come
    > to Chuck as an educator so my primary interest is in helping people
    > be/think/do smarter." <>

    Now *this* looks interesting. A great concept (teaching the learner how
    to question) that fits in well with IBIS. So the concept appears germane
    to collaborative investigations as well as to teaching/learning

    The fact that it aims at being a distributed (collaborative?) process is
    also highly intriguing, since the early interfaces to any DKR will
    probably have to be human-mediated via email. It is simply too much to
    ask, given the present state of the art, to have a machine translate
    vague human queries into the kind that can be answered from a DKR
    repository. So I suspect that DKR interactions will consist of a
    question posed to an email list which is answered with a pointer to
    something in the DKR.

    Finally, I note that DKR-use is also primarily an education-process. For
    there to be some useful knowledge in the repository is one thing. For me
    to be able to make use of it is something else. Therefore, the DKR must
    function in a way that teaches me what I need to know to use the datum,
    taking into account the profundity of the ignorance I bring to the
    table. This model of education as a questioning process could be very
    useful in that domain.

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