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From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 07:46:57 PDT

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    Once question: how does one build an industry when one is putting out the
    key product as an open source (read: free) product? We're talking business
    models here, I think.


    From: Hirohide Yamada <>
    > Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > > That's why the Bootstrap effort must
    > > be focused on creating an *industry*, not a product. There is no
    > > substitute for the amount of marketing muscle, development capability,
    > > and customer-education capacity of thousands of competing companies. No
    > > single product or company can ever hope to make the same kind of
    > > civilization-transforming dent in public consciousness.
    > I really agree with this. Inorder for bootstrap efforts to work;
    > (1) A company goals has to include objectives related to something beyond
    > organization like industry and be supported by the other members.
    > (2) An industry has to include agreed objectives beyond the industry like
    > millenium issues.
    > Those organization that has either (1) or (2) is the Type2 organization
    > that Jeff Rulifson has defined I believe in his presentation.
    > Hirohide Yamada Astec, Inc.

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