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From: Rod Welch (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 13:54:55 PDT

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    Looks like gIBIS would be great for research, and other settings where formal
    decision making has plenty of time, for example developing a reasoned opinion in
    a lawsuit, or deciding to try Knowledge Management. Is there a fall back
    process, possibly less formal and less accurate, but useful for helping people
    with limited time make better decisions on-the-fly that come up in handling
    daily working information, which Doug discussed on 000327...

    For example how can we improve the scenario reported at a professional event on
    940612 concerning a $500M problem from constructing a new oil tanker...

    Can gIBIS or some other method help a wide range of people working toward common
    goals, but often with conflicting interests, do a better job of achieving
    win-win results? The TQM and Deming people have been wrestling with this for a
    long time. Can the DKR help?


    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > An IBIS-style conversation proceeds like this:
    > Q1
    > A1
    > A2
    > Q2
    > A3
    > A2'
    > That is an analysis step. The next steps lead
    > toward synthesis.
    > Note that A2 is a restated version of A2. Someone
    > notices this fact and creates a new version of
    > both that replaces them. The new structure now
    > has two references to A2''. (What is viewed as
    > a hierarchy is in reality a graph, at this point.)
    > The "synthesis" step occurs when A2'' is chosen
    > as the desirable alternative, because it achieves
    > multiple goals. (Call it an Occam-friendly system.)
    > The view of the synthesis is then an inversion of
    > the original hierarchy:
    > A2''
    > Q1
    > Q2
    > In other words, when asking the question, "What
    > motivated A2?" or "Why was A2 chosen?" the answer
    > is given in the form: "What questions did A2
    > address?" Under each question, of the course, the
    > full hierarchy of alternatives and discussion can
    > be found.
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