Re: [unrev-II] Reduction by Reorganization

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 14:05:47 PDT

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    How many times a day does the CEO writing up the record on a board meeting and
    planning strategy for the next quarter, contact FAQ on the Internet for help?
    How often does an engineer faced with a decision to specify glottenstop or go
    with the tried-and-true traditional widget design, contact FAQ? 99% of the
    questions arise from communications with vendors, colleagues, customers, lawyers
    and others involved in a specific issue stream. Only 1% of questions that
    impact earnings and solve world problems go to the FAQ department on the
    Internet. How can we help the CEO, the engineer, the mechanic do a better job
    on the 99% of their questions? Don't we somehow need to get that daily working
    information Doug discussed on 000327 into a form that is accessible on the
    Internet quickly, so that people can get reliable information rather than rely
    on guess and gossip?


    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > The idea here is to erase the dividing line between
    > a Forum (email archive) and a FAQ.
    > If the Forum exists in some sense as a "document",
    > then it should be possible to reorganize redundant
    > questions so that they come under some basic version
    > of the question, with responses under that.
    > That produces a structure something like this:
    > Question
    > Q1. As asked by Fred
    > Q2. As asked by Ethel
    > A1. As answered by Edna
    > A2. As answered by Ralph
    > In all likelihood, the question-versions would not
    > be of general interest.
    > Evaluations supplied by users of the system would
    > allow the better answers to "float to the top" of
    > the answer list, so the best answers or most-common
    > scenarios float to the top of the list.
    > In accomplishing the reorganization, the original
    > Forum "document" is replaced by a new version
    > constructed by the forum owner.
    > [This mechanism also needs to allow for purging of
    > extraneous and nonsensical comments, at the discretion
    > of the document owner.]
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