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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 13:43:51 PDT

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    1) Story - Rob Swigart

    Of course, Story is a big deal here in Hollywood, really a sub-
    industry. Everybody pays homage, then goes home and sins in
    primetime. But not all authorities agree on the three-act structure,
    as was stated. John Truby (www.truby.com) has a series of products
    analyzing very successful stories with 2, 4, n acts in various
    genres. Perhaps an area which could be investigated would be a set of
    genres matching the scenario work. Here again, Truby has the most
    interesting set of genres. Obviously, no business would own up to
    playing out a Murder Mystery, but maybe Romance has some value. If
    you're going to borrow, why not take it all?

    2) Promoting these ideas

    It seems the seminar is looking for a fundamental set of products or
    developments, a complete toolkit, to create this revolution, just as
    the PC was born. I'm not sure this will be possible in the limited
    time available, or that it can play out the same way.

    Evolution is messy. While exploration and development proceeds in
    academia and business, efforts should also be made in the public and
    mass market arena. Even academics participate in the common
    experience during down times. Existing venues in the media should be
    exploited to prepare society. Identify, encourage and train naturally-
    occurring spokespersons. Products like Partnerware and groupwares are
    popping up all over the 'net. Use and encourage them, even if they
    only implemented half of an idea. A CoDIAK Webring can be established
    to link NICs and related efforts. An HTML newsletter can help
    maintain visibility. Potential profits can be stressed to create
    value. Is there an IPO in here somewhere? Perhaps memes could be
    created to spread the concepts. The whole idea needs to acquire sex
    appeal. In other words, we are not likely to be able to afford
    elegance, nor should a lack of elegance discourage any venue or
    method. He who dies with the most toys, wins.

    DKRs will require a fundamental cultural shift toward honoring
    information. Information must become like a religion, preserved and
    enshrined just like ancient texts. Right now, information control and
    obfuscation are much more important - politics and religious
    authority are the most blatant examples. And witness the low stature
    and pay of librarians and teachers.

    One classmate raised the question of conversations not being
    recorded, pointing out that they contain much of the knowledge which
    should be stuffed into the repository. Obviously, our culture is not
    going to start hiring millions of human recorders to take notes and
    maintain DKRs (even if this would be a good thing to do with the
    millions who will have nothing to do when robots are designing and
    building robots). But the immensely more powerful computers just
    around the corner will be able to. Dragon Systems is previewing audio
    search technology which comes from the "Intelligence community" (and
    which may, in fact, have played a role in Echelon, the American
    telecom spy system which has made many Europeans paranoid). As a
    pilot project, the NPR audio archive is being made available. When
    workers communicate with each other and the DKR just as Starfleet
    officers talk to their ships, DKRs will be practical and powerful.
    This possibility is not very far away.

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