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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 17:25:45 PDT

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    Just a quick reply.

    I can't make out from this post whether the conversations referred to are
    discussions during the sessions or conversations outside session 8 proper.
    All of the sessions have been recorded and Session 8, along with 7 and 9,is
    now being transcribed.

    Henry wrote:

    > 1) Story - Rob Swigart
    > Of course, Story is a big deal here in Hollywood, really a sub-
    > industry. Everybody pays homage, then goes home and sins in
    > primetime. But not all authorities agree on the three-act structure,
    > as was stated. John Truby ( has a series of products
    > analyzing very successful stories with 2, 4, n acts in various
    > genres. Perhaps an area which could be investigated would be a set of
    > genres matching the scenario work. Here again, Truby has the most
    > interesting set of genres. Obviously, no business would own up to
    > playing out a Murder Mystery, but maybe Romance has some value. If
    > you're going to borrow, why not take it all?
    > 2) Promoting these ideas
    > It seems the seminar is looking for a fundamental set of products or
    > developments, a complete toolkit, to create this revolution, just as
    > the PC was born. I'm not sure this will be possible in the limited
    > time available, or that it can play out the same way.
    > Evolution is messy. While exploration and development proceeds in
    > academia and business, efforts should also be made in the public and
    > mass market arena. Even academics participate in the common
    > experience during down times. Existing venues in the media should be
    > exploited to prepare society. Identify, encourage and train naturally-
    > occurring spokespersons. Products like Partnerware and groupwares are
    > popping up all over the 'net. Use and encourage them, even if they
    > only implemented half of an idea. A CoDIAK Webring can be established
    > to link NICs and related efforts. An HTML newsletter can help
    > maintain visibility. Potential profits can be stressed to create
    > value. Is there an IPO in here somewhere? Perhaps memes could be
    > created to spread the concepts. The whole idea needs to acquire sex
    > appeal. In other words, we are not likely to be able to afford
    > elegance, nor should a lack of elegance discourage any venue or
    > method. He who dies with the most toys, wins.
    > DKRs will require a fundamental cultural shift toward honoring
    > information. Information must become like a religion, preserved and
    > enshrined just like ancient texts. Right now, information control and
    > obfuscation are much more important - politics and religious
    > authority are the most blatant examples. And witness the low stature
    > and pay of librarians and teachers.
    > One classmate raised the question of conversations not being
    > recorded, pointing out that they contain much of the knowledge which
    > should be stuffed into the repository. Obviously, our culture is not
    > going to start hiring millions of human recorders to take notes and
    > maintain DKRs (even if this would be a good thing to do with the
    > millions who will have nothing to do when robots are designing and
    > building robots). But the immensely more powerful computers just
    > around the corner will be able to. Dragon Systems is previewing audio
    > search technology which comes from the "Intelligence community" (and
    > which may, in fact, have played a role in Echelon, the American
    > telecom spy system which has made many Europeans paranoid). As a
    > pilot project, the NPR audio archive is being made available. When
    > workers communicate with each other and the DKR just as Starfleet
    > officers talk to their ships, DKRs will be practical and powerful.
    > This possibility is not very far away.
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