Re: [unrev-II] Database Winner: TSpaces

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 11:03:33 PDT

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    Here's some other interesting links about Xerox XML technology for
    Multilingual and Knowledge Management Solutions:

    Coordination Technologies


    Multilingual Document Management Process

    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > Leave it to IBM to come up with a killer database app.
    > This is one is a "lightweight RDBMS", small-footprint,
    > memory-resident, fast, easily programmed (simply write
    > tuples, rather than worrying about schemas and such),
    > *distributed*, with transaction controls.
    > It's called TSpaces -- it combines features of TupleSpaces
    > and RDBMS. It's implemented in Java, with the goal of
    > enabling distributed application servers.
    > Both Jack Park and Paul Fernhout pointed to this one
    > a while back. (Thanks, guys.) I finally started catching
    > up on some of my reading this afternoon (more evaluations
    > to follow on other reads).
    > References
    > ----------
    > The main site index.
    > The big picture overview. Lots of interesting reading.
    > A lot more detail, but still a good read.
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