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From: Eugene Eric Kim (eekim@eekim.com)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 11:01:10 PDT

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    The agenda for today's meeting is posted at:


    One of the things that Doug would like to discuss are the various views
    we'd like to see for software development. I thought I'd start the
    discussion here by throwing out a few items. Please contribute your ideas
    here as well, and I will compile the ideas into a document. Also, if you
    know of a particular tool that uses a proposed view, mention that as well.

    1. Comments only.

        This is one that Doug proposed, and that Augment apparently had. This
        one is highly dependent on a programmer's coding style, I think. But
        for languages that use in-code documentation, such as Java and Perl,
        this can be a very useful feature.

    2. Code only.

    3. Function names only.

    4. Call-trees.

    5. Object hierarchy in UML.

    6. Collapsible blocks.

        An idea borrowed from Eric's eXtende project.

    7. Context highlighting.

        Every decent editor supports this. But there are some interesting new
        possibilities with this. For example, it would be interesting to
        combine the results of a profiler with the code, with the most called
        statements emphasized and the least called statements grayed out.

    8. Change log.

        Every source code control program supports this. But interlinking
        using the OHS will make this feature better.


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