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    Relative to what Doug says:

    "We have to raise money to get basic, necessary things done. BI is too small; SRI
    is the only candidate not-for-profit organization within my horizon which has the
    capability and the world-wide reach to provide the necessary kind of launch

    So in pursuit, as I understand it, Russell Hall, Managing Director of Legacy
    Venture Capital, specializes in venture capital philanthropy techniques similar to
    Gib Myers, chairman of Mayfield Fund & Entrepreneur's Foundation
    ( and John Doerr, Co-Founder of New Schools Venture Fund
    ( and have funded SRI spinoffs like:

       * Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT) (
       * TAPPED IN™ (

    But after checking references, this is what I found:

    Founded in 1995, Foundation Capital is a premier venture capital firm committed to
    providing exceptional service to entrepreneurs to help build great new companies.
    In addition to capital, Foundation invests effort, perspective, and experience in
    business to business e-commerce, Internet infrastructure, telecommunications and
    networking and business to consumer e-commerce startups. The firm takes a hands-on
    approach, partnering with companies in their formative stages and helping them gain
    access to industry leaders, potential customers, prospective partners, world-class
    board members and candidates for key management positions. Current portfolio
    companies include Air Fiber, Atheros Communications, Commerce One (NASDAQ Š CMRC),
    Financial Engines, idealab!, Interwoven (NASDAQ Š IWOV),, NetZero
    (NASDAQ Š NZRO), Pacific Edge, Shoreline Teleworks and WhereNet.

    So for future references in our DKR handbook for funding other NICs this is what I

       * Education Resources

            o Public Education Network Working to
              educate the nation about the relationship between school quality and the
              quality of community andpublic life.
            o eSchool News Online Where K-12 education and
              technology meet National Center for Education Statistics
            o A comprehensive guide to education statistics Eduventures
     Valuable newsletter with updates on the
              education industry from a company which seeks to link for-profit
              education companies with investors.
            o Education Week Articles and updates about upcoming
              special events in education.
            o Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) A
              federally-funded national information system with one of the strongest
              and broadest research engines on the web.
            o Web66 Facilitating the introduction of
              technology into K-12 schools.
            o USWired US Wired is an online education source
              offering complete, useful and effective resources for teachers, families,
              and local schools.
            o EduHound The directory provides a
              prescreened database directory of K-12 Educational Links categorized by
              subject, alphabetically from a list of clickable keywords, and
              additionally providing numerous link pages to selected pertinent resource
       * Resources for Entrepreneurs'
       * Community Wealth Ventures A business
         development consulting firm serving for-profit and non-profit businesses with
         philanthropic missions.
       * Nonprofit Genie Provides information and technical
         assistance to the nonprofit community. This site includes annotated lists of
         recommended publications and links to nonprofit resources.
       * Consultants ONTAP A searchable database of consultants
         who work with nonprofits in Northern California.
       * National Center for Social Entrepreneurs
         Introductory seminars, site visits and other consulting services for
         entrepreneurs in all fields of the non-profit sector.
       * Who Cares Register on-line for a free subscription to
         this magazine for social entrepreneurs.
       * The Foundation Center Comprehensive directory of
         private, corporate and community foundations as well as advice, reading lists,
         links to other useful sites.
       * National Center for Nonprofit Boards
         The National Center for Nonprofit Boards (NCNB) is dedicated to increasing the
         effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening their boards of

         Public Policy Information
            o U.S. Department of Education This web site includes a
              strong research engine and links to sites of various federal education
              offices, such as the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.
            o EdSource Provides information about California's
              emerging public education issues.
            o U.S. Charter Schools Website A national
              web site that shares practical information and innovations among charter
              school operators (e.g., teachers, parents, principals, community members,
              etc.). A must-visit site for charter school leaders, consultants,
              researchers and policy makers.
            o The Charter Friends National Network A
              national network connecting and supporting resource centers and other
              state-level charter support. Provides publications, conferences, online
              communications, a grant program, and multi-state initiatives on high
              priority issues including accountability, facilities financing, special
              education and federal policy development.
            o Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)
     PACE is an independent policy
              research center whose primary aim is to enrich education policy debates
              with sound analysis and hard evidence.

    Resources for Teachers and Parents

            o Education World Book reviews, web site
              reviews, lesson planning and curriculum resources about integrating the
              Internet into the classroom.
            o Parents for Public Schools A national
              organization of grassroots chapters dedicated to supporting and
              strengthening public schools in communities throughout America.
            o an online guide to schools
              in California Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning
     increasing the capacity of California's teachers.
            o Classroom Connect Classroom Connect
              works with educators in bringing the power of the Internet to their

    Business Plan Advice

            o Outstanding site for novice
              entrepreneurs sponsored by the prestigious Kauffman Center. Over two
              dozen articles about the art and science of business plans, as well
              advice on legal issues, finance, marketing, staffing, and other topics
              relevant to start-ups.
            o D e l o i t t e & T o u c h e
     Outlines the basic
              components of a business plan and describes each section in detail.
            o Small Business Administration
              informative site of the federal agency that supports small businesses.
              Provides loans and venture capitalfinancing to small businesses unable to
              secure financing through normal lending channels as well as technical
              assistance. Excellent tutorial on how to write a business plan for the
              first time.

    Other Venture Philanthropy Organizations

            o Echoing Green Foundation This non-profit
              foundation offers full-time fellowships to emerging social entrepreneurs,
              as well as seed money and technical support. Their “resource center”
              section provides excellent advice on a wide range of topics relevant to
              non-profit start-ups, including public relations, finance and accounting,
              strategic planning, etc.
            o Roberts Enterprise Development Fund Supports
              nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing
              financing, technical assistance, access to technology, and other support.
            o Silicon Valley Community Ventures Provides mentoring,
              resources, loans and equity financing to businesses located in or hiring
              from low-income Bay Area communities.
            o The Entrepreneurs Foundation Scales up successful
              community programs by applying venture capital principles. Also helps
              private-sector companies incorporate community service into their
            o Peninsula Community Foundation The Center for Venture
              Philanthropy (CVP) section of Peninsula Community Foundation is a forum
              for community donors to collaborate and catalyze societal change.
            o Social Venture Partners Using the
              venture capital approach as a model, SVP is committed to giving time,
              money and expertise to create partnerships withnot-for-profit
              organizations in the Puget Sound region.
            o NewProfit, Inc. Venture philanthropy for social
              New Profit Inc.'s mission is to partner with the most promising social
              enterprises and to help them increase their social impact by providing
              financial and management development support.

    Henry van Eyken wrote:

    > Eugene Eric Kim wrote, among other things:
    > > However, Doug is also 100 percent committed to open source. This is an
    > > important point to reiterate, because it sounds like people on the list
    > > are dubious about whether or not this project will ever happen as open
    > > source. There is no question that it will.
    > I had asked Doug to reply to some previous correspondence on the subject. In
    > support of Kim's remarks, I'll take the liberty to quote from my cc:
    > "This effort very definitely is NOT for the enrichment of Stanford and BI. For
    > me, this is a crusade, started almost exactly 49 years ago, and perservered
    > through a great deal of discouraging set-backs. For instance, the last three
    > years have been without salary (if I hadn't won a gigantic prize, I'd have been
    > in real trouble).
    > And, I am totally serious about the Open-Source pursuit of our OHS evolution.
    > I can't see how proprietary systems embedded in classical market environment
    > can yield the scale and rate of evolution that is called for in order to do
    > this bootstrapping on a scale that I feel is necessary.
    > We have to raise money to get basic, necessary things done. BI is too small;
    > SRI is the only candidate not-for-profit organization within my horizon which
    > has the capability and the world-wide reach to provide the necessary kind of
    > launch platform.
    > Note, Stanford University has no direct role here; SRI is completely separate.
    > The legal arrangement with SRI explicitly keeps them from gaining any
    > proprietary position from their involvement here as an important contractor.
    > We are interacting with central players in the open-source movement to maximize
    > our learning and planning. The total focus is for OPEN OHS.
    > I appreciate your expressions of concern, and welcome any future participation
    > that you and your friends may choose to provide.
    > Sincerely, Doug Engelbart"
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