Re: [unrev-II] Patents and licenses

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 01:01:38 PDT

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    On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > I was inclined towards the MPL based on business
    > strategy. And then it sounded like it went even further
    > on patent protection. So MPL sounded like the winner
    > to me.

    Lee mentioned the patent clause, but he didn't explicitly list it as one
    of MPL's advantages, although I'm sure he feels that way. I also like the
    clause, at least in spirit. However, I'm suspicious of its

    > Who do we lose if the GPL option is not present?
    > And what does it cost us in confusion, if people have
    > to pick which license they plan to use. Does it make
    > that much harder for someone to try?

    I think it costs us too much in confusion. For those of you who have
    followed this thread carefully, think about it this way: How much effort
    did you expend to try to understand how this dual licensing works, and
    what the implications are? Do you feel like you understand it?

    We want to make it clear that companies will be allowed to play with our
    code. Releasing it under MPL/GPL will confuse companies, which will cause
    them to shy away from our code.

    > BTW: Does the license come into play when someone
    > uses the system, or only when they download source
    > code? I'd prefer the latter. If the former, is there
    > even simpler "license to use" we can provide for
    > people who don't want to look at the source code?
    > (The license you sign would then depend on which
    > bundle you download.)

    Open source licenses do not restrict the running of software in any


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