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From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 11:21:56 PST

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    Does the team have an opinion about this pending case before the U.S. Supreme
    Court on copyright?


    For example, an SDS record is a chunk of memory, e.g., did this, that and the
    other, read an article, talked to Fred, heard so and so on TV, and as a result
    did thus and so; or, it appears to impact objectives in the following way,
    leading to following action.

    After we figure out what happened, and what we think about it at first blush, we
    then want to use that chunk of memory to communicate efficiently and accurately
    to one or many people, so we point to it, with full attribution, in Knowledge

    How is this different from calling folks or attending a meeting and saying,
    "Gee, I read an article in Time, and another in Byte, where the authors say such
    and such. Last week at the meeting Tommy mentioned a similar idea, and two
    years ago a seminar discussed this in a slightly different light, in January the
    Colloquium seemed to align with the prior seminar; but, guess what? The project
    specs published yesterday for our new widgets appear to conflict. What should
    we do?"

    Information from books, articles, newspapers and so on, are all intertwined with
    our view of the world, which is integrally part of daily communication. If the
    Internet is to provide effective support for daily knowledge work, it needs to
    support efficient communication, which means we cannot waste time asking
    permission prior to communicating. The burden should be attribution, not
    permission to use.

    Is this what has Paul upset about permission to use?


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