Re: [unrev-II] Tech Startup "How To" notes

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 14:40:50 PST

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    Mark Szpakowski wrote:
    > Shades of Buckminster Fuller's "conceptual tetrahedron"!
    > However, how is a five pointed figure a tetrahedron, as in the
    > structure with "purpose" at
    Actually, I didn't have any references handy that I could
    use to make sure I understood what a tetrahedron looks like.
    I *think* what I drew is one, but there is a distinct
    possibility I'm wrong.

    What is a tetrahedron, if what I drew isn't one?
    And what the heck did a draw, if it isn't a tetrahedron?

    You're right that it is a 5-pointed figure.
    I suppose I could call it the "diamond model".
    But being a big fan of Bucky, I really like "tetrahedron".

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