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Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 15:20:59 PST

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    Reply to Eric Armstrong about Samba Schools:
    10 June 1999
     Samba BUG

    Seymour Papert, the man of the language Logo that helps young people to
    develop their minds by exploring the power of computing, wrote a little book
    named Mindstorms (Basic Books Inc., 1980). In it, he expressed great
    admiration for a model of education called samba school. Now, one would
    think that samba schools are for teaching the high-spirited samba, but that
    isn't quite so. Although there is a central core of activities of people
    readying themselves for Brazil's annual carnival by learning how to perfect
    the dance, the samba school is very much a social and recreational
    institution as much as it is an educational one. All activities are wrapped
    into one, without designated teachers ruling the roost. Everybody is a
    learner. All learn from one another as they socially intermingle and have
    fun. At any rate, that's how I remember the gist of Papert's writing about
    the samba school. In Mindstorms, Papert applied the concept to kids and
    teachers learning by playing with Logo. Together.

    I checked the net to refresh my memory about the samba school and, sure
    enough, I found confirmation at a Web-site about the Zumbi Samba School
    organized by - would you believe it? - the Brazilian community in Washington
    D.C. This is what the site tells us, "In Brazil, a samba 'school' is more
    than a place where samba dancing is taught. While they originally began as
    neighborhood musical and dance groups which competed in pre-Lenten Carnival
    parades, today Brazilian samba schools have grown into very large
    organizations which also carry on a variety of social and educational
    programs. In Brazil's Portuguese language, the term GRES commonly precedes a
    samba school's name. It is an acronym in Portuguese for gremio recreativo Ú
    educašo de samba which translates as recreational and educational samba

    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > >
    > Ooh! Ooh!
    > I want to know more about Samba Schools!!
    > Being teacher and learner is where it's at!
    > The Lark Music Camp is very much like that. Last year,
    > I taught a class of traditional Irish steps I picked
    > up in Ireland -- though usually I'm in the music classes
    > struggling to keep up..
    > :_)
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