[unrev-II] HTML email (was re: Is Bootstrapping...)

From: Paul Fernhout (pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com)
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 06:34:20 PST

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > BTW:
    > My reply doesn't include your messages. Possibly
    > because I send in plain text mode, and your replies
    > are in HTML?

    I have the same issue under Netscape.

    > I'll gladly switch to HTML if that is the norm, these
    > days, but I've been avoiding it, on the premise that
    > there are still a lot of plain text email clients out
    > there.

    I avoid it for the same reason.
    > Votes, anyone?

    While I don't think we should prohibit anyone from sending HTML email
    (in part because I can read it) I'm still sticking with sending text
    email. So, I'd vote for preferring text (but not vote to prohibit HTML),

    Also HTML mail through the list sometimes gets banner adds with embedded
    graphics, which presumably gives out more info when your client goes to
    the server to get the gif, thus being a privacy issue in this particular
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