[unrev-II] Ontology Translation

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 16:43:11 PST

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    On the subject of sharing knowledge, one
    question that was asked recently was: "What
    makes it possible to find and use information
    in a different repository (since undoubtedly it
    will have been categorized differently)?

    That leads to the subject of ontology

    If we as a group decide on the ontology
    we plan to use, and we want to import
    information created by some other group,
    we will need the ability to map, or
    translate, their ontology into our own.

    Ontology-translation can also be a single
    user affair. For example, suppose that a
    language for issue-based (IBIS) discussions
    has been defined -- and that I hate the terms
    they chose, or that they are so long that
    the element names take up to much space in
    my XML editor's display tree.

    In my editor, I should have the ability to:
      a) Map the terms they chose (indeed, the
         representation they use) into one of
         my own making.
         --What appears in my display, therefore
           is the translation of the document.
         --But what is actually stored is in
           the common format.

       b) Export the representation I like, along
          with the translation-scripts, to others,
          in hopes that it becomes a new meme.

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