RE: [unrev-II] Collaborative Discussion Tools

From: Dennis E. Hamilton (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 08:55:08 PDT

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    Any e-mail transformation operation must not interfere in any way with
    existing mechanisms for maintaining digital signatures on the original

    Implications -

       1. The decoration by the list service must add mime parts or otherwise
    operate outside of the body that is subject to signature validation.
       2. Possible avenues including use of XPATH and XML bodies, though
    originators would need to cooperate. The principles by which systems like
    HyTime impose links on bodies without altering them might be applicable.

    I haven't thought it through any more than that.

    -- Dennis

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    From: Garold L. Johnson []
    Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 01:32
    Subject: RE: [unrev-II] Collaborative Discussion Tools

    I have suggested something like this before, but I didnít get any feedback
    as to why the idea isnít feasible or wasnít desirable.


    It is possible to improve on an email list as a collaborative discussion
    tool by appropriate processing of incoming messages and some special means
    of handling feature such as transclusion that HTML doesnít normally provide.

    [ ... ]
    Process each message as it arrives

    If each incoming message were assigned a message number and run through
    Plink to have Ids assigned before it was place into the archives and was
    sent to the group, each message would arrive with the links to all of its
    sections already built in for quoting and reference.

    [ ... illustration of operation ]

    The result

    This would result in a discussion group that approached electronic
    journaling as used in AUGMENT.
    It would certainly be a substantial improvement on what we have now and
    would provide a tool with which we could experiment.


    Garold (Gary) L. Johnson
    DYNAMIC Alternatives

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