Re: [unrev-II] Random thoughts on MS, OHS, and everything

From: Jack Park (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 06:41:15 PDT

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    Well, there's hope. Find more on MS at
    "blenderking sent in this Wall Street Journal story about Microsoft's new
    "Smart Tags" - auto-linking to Microsoft websites in any web page you
    visit. "From the article: "In effect, Microsoft will be able, through the
    browser, to re-edit anybody's site, without the owner's knowledge or
    permission, in a way that tempts users to leave and go to a
    Microsoft-chosen site -- whether or not that site offers better
    information." My web site is about margarita recipes....what is Microsoft
    going to do...offer a visitor to my site a better recipe on their site?"
    Another reader sent in a CNET article on the same subject. "

    And notice the link to the next article is about AOL:
    "mojo-raisin writes: "According to this article on ISPworld,
    AOL/Time-Warner is refusing to run advertisments for small and medium-sized
    dial-up and DSL service providers on their cable network. This practice is
    reported to have begun shortly after the merger announcement last year, and
    is taking place in New York, Texas and Wisconsin"

    It's getting interesting. MS is trying to be a content creator; AOL *owns*
    the content universe. My take: brace yourself; it's gonna be an
    interesting ride.


    At 01:20 PM 6/6/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    >And here you may surmize how the MS corporate message filters into the general
    >(Also found in The Economist of June 3, p. 64, "Off with their beards.").
    >Jack Park wrote:
    > > Consider this page:
    > >
    > > A quote:
    > > "Bill Gates, exposed just a year ago as a ruthless and less-than-candid
    > > corporate predator, is today the King of the Corporate Republic, the CEO of
    > > Internet, Inc. He and his company are about to launch one of the most
    > > ambitious campaigns in the history of business, one that should leave him
    > > firmly in control of the digital universe. "
    > >
    > > Consider this transcluded post from Simon St.Laurant to XML-DEV:
    > > "Clay Shirky has an article on Hailstorm up at:
    > >
    > > Shirky raises copyright and control as a central issue in Microsoft's
    > > Hailstorm strategy:
    > > >This is the most audacious aspect of HailStorm, and the core of the
    > > >describe-and-defend strategy. Microsoft wants to create a schema which
    > > >describes all possible user transactions, and then copyright that
    > > >schema, in order to create and manage the ontology of life on the
    > > >Internet. In HailStorm as it was described, all entities, methods, and
    > > >transactions will be defined and mediated by Microsoft or
    > > >Microsoft-licensed developers, with Microsoft acting as a kind of
    > > >arbiter of descriptions of electronic reality:
    > > We've had discussions of whether copyrighting a schema has any
    > > implications for control. I can definitely see limitations on derived
    > > works, which strikes me as unfortunate, but I'd really like to have a
    > > clearer explanation from someone as to how intellectual property and XML
    > > interact in the legal world..."
    > >
    > > Then, there's a very recent (latest?) Business Week article about how MS
    > > came back much stronger.
    > >
    > > Starts, IMHO, to get rather interesting (what?). But, and sorry I cannot
    > > pin down the URL (I think it was at an article that posits AOL
    > > overtaking MS. Gads, what is a mother to do?
    > >
    > > And then, there's OHS. Would that it could be a breath of fresh air.
    > >
    > > Yesterday, Ted Nelson and Doug Engelbart sat in a conference room together
    > > with several other individuals, all talking about common grounds between
    > > Xanadu and OHS. I am sure that some report will be forthcoming that
    > > details that event (I was so involved that I failed to take detailed
    > > notes). I can report this, however. There were at least three areas of
    > > commonality, and a strong interest in looking at the ZigZag structure--
    > >
    > > , perhaps even in concert with Lee Iverson's NODAL ideas, as a
    > > superstructure for an OHS. In any case, fresh air, indeed!
    > >
    > > Cheers
    > > Jack
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