[unrev-II] Microsoft XP

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 10:16:16 PDT

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    I consider this page a valuable read:

    "News, Views and a Silicon Valley Diary

    Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2001
    Stop Windows XP Before It's Too Late
    Now that the U.S. appeals court has reaffirmed its unanimous decision that
    Microsoft abused its monopoly and stifled innovation, and now that it's
    abundantly clear that Microsoft has no intention of modifying its behavior,
    it's time for a difficult but necessary step.
    The Justice Department and states must quickly seek an injunction blocking
    the release of Windows XP, at least the version Microsoft is planning to ship.
    This sounds like an extreme move, and in a way it is. But it's vital.
    Otherwise we'll face even more extreme behavior from a company that keeps
    demonstrating, in word and deed, utter contempt for the law and fair

    Two items from the page worth quoting:

    "Microsoft removed the Java environment from XP, thereby breaking thousands
    of Web sites that use Java. XP customers will face endless downloads to
    replace the functionality they'd come to expect.

    Microsoft will force XP users to sign up for its Passport authentication
    system if they want to use key XP features. This is a dagger aimed at all
    kinds of other businesses, and despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary
    it represents a potentially massive threat to customers' security and privacy."

    I suspect that folks should familiarize themselves with what MS is up to,
    and soon.

    While sitting at the Semantic Web workshop, chatting with Steve Newcomb,
    one of the fathers of topic maps and HiTime, Ed Feigenbaum, one of the
    fathers of expert systems stopped to admire my Sony laptop. He mentioned
    that his was an older version and he couldn't wait to upgrade just as soon
    as MS XP was released. He then walked across the courtyard to his office
    in the William Gates Building on the Stanford campus.

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