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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 18:39:21 PDT

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    Might this help comprehending things Microsoft?

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    Jack Park wrote:

    > I consider this page a valuable read:
    > ndex.htm#xp
    > "News, Views and a Silicon Valley Diary
    > Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2001
    > Stop Windows XP Before It's Too Late
    > Now that the U.S. appeals court has reaffirmed its unanimous decision that
    > Microsoft abused its monopoly and stifled innovation, and now that it's
    > abundantly clear that Microsoft has no intention of modifying its behavior,
    > it's time for a difficult but necessary step.
    > The Justice Department and states must quickly seek an injunction blocking
    > the release of Windows XP, at least the version Microsoft is planning to ship.
    > This sounds like an extreme move, and in a way it is. But it's vital.
    > Otherwise we'll face even more extreme behavior from a company that keeps
    > demonstrating, in word and deed, utter contempt for the law and fair
    > competition."
    > Two items from the page worth quoting:
    > "Microsoft removed the Java environment from XP, thereby breaking thousands
    > of Web sites that use Java. XP customers will face endless downloads to
    > replace the functionality they'd come to expect.
    > Microsoft will force XP users to sign up for its Passport authentication
    > system if they want to use key XP features. This is a dagger aimed at all
    > kinds of other businesses, and despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary
    > it represents a potentially massive threat to customers' security and privacy."
    > I suspect that folks should familiarize themselves with what MS is up to,
    > and soon.
    > While sitting at the Semantic Web workshop, chatting with Steve Newcomb,
    > one of the fathers of topic maps and HiTime, Ed Feigenbaum, one of the
    > fathers of expert systems stopped to admire my Sony laptop. He mentioned
    > that his was an older version and he couldn't wait to upgrade just as soon
    > as MS XP was released. He then walked across the courtyard to his office
    > in the William Gates Building on the Stanford campus.
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