Re: [unrev-II] TouchGraph 2

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 09:22:46 PDT

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    My experience has been that TG is simple and rather elegant.
    Making the Nodes more generalized simply means moving the paint routine and
    so forth right into the Node class itself and just let TGPanel ripple
    through the node list calling paintSelf(Graphics g) or some such. My plan
    is to begin that process today. Also, each Node can contain a link to its
    own "properties" information, be that in a database, flat file, whatever.

    I probably won't get to that right away; I'm still fighting one nasty
    design problem with respect to driving an IBIS applet with a servlet.


    At 12:02 PM 9/10/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    >Sweet. So has your experience been that the TG code is easy to
    >modify? It's easy to add new interfaces (like double clicking to do
    >something), right?
    >An area where I haven't done much work, is to allow nodes to be painted in
    >different ways. I am glad that you are able to add different shapes, and
    >colors. What I would really appreciate though, would be if you could come
    >up with some suggestions as to how to make the painting code more pluggable.
    >Currently TGPanel, the main class, is responsible for drawing
    >everything. But it would be nice to set up a structure where nodes would
    >do their own painting. This would make it easier on developers, because
    >then they could plug in new node types individually, rather then including
    >a whole set of nodes.
    >Well, that's just something to think about. Meanwhile, I look forward to
    >seeing any patches that you make, and of course the integrated versions of
    >Nexist and the other topic map engine.
    >At 10:28 PM 9/9/01 -0700, you wrote:
    >>As the beginnings of modifying TouchGraph to serve a more generalized
    >>purpose, e.g. display of Topic Maps, I have added some code that allows you
    >>to use a right click to select node type. There is an image of the results
    >>thus far at
    >>Next, I need to add double click functionality so that you can open a nodes
    >>property sheet to see what the node contains.
    >>Right now, I have three types of nodes: rectangle, round rectangle, and
    >>oval. Maybe some more node types can be added.
    >>Also, Nodes will take on different colors to color code Topic, Association,
    >>Occurrence, and so forth.
    >>When this coding is done, I'll make the source available to Alex for
    >>whatever purpose he wants. Meanwhile, it's going in Nexist and another
    >>Topic Map Engine that I have.
    >>TouchGraph is about as cool as it gets. Many thanks, Alex.
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