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Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 13:23:37 PDT

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    Yeah, everything2 is pretty cool.  Ripe for graphing.  The only problem is, that it seems too interlinked, but then again, maybe the nodes fall into clusters.

    The halfbakery is another cool site that provides an alternative to conventional forums.  Users can vote on ideas, which eventually become either "baked" or "dumped".  The results a pretty amusing.  The link takes you a list of similar sites, go to their main page to see how it works.


    At 12:18 PM 9/10/01 -0700, you wrote:

    I just stumbled on another effort with similar goals to the OHS, though
    seemingly less academic.  It's from the same folks that created SlashDot:

          From the wacky brains of [Rob Malda] and [Nate Oostendorp] comes: Everything, another Blockstackers web project.  Everything's goal is to catalog all human knowledge, and show the interconnections (links) between all the people, places, things, and ideas (nodes). And thanks to the contributions of a few thousand users who've chosen Everything over an active social life, we're about 32.15% of the way there (estimated).

          In short, Everything is everything that a centralized Internet information source is supposed to be: friendly, cheap, and occasionally correct. Some concerns have been raised about the danger of Everything, because of its neural network structure, gaining its own form of intelligence and trying to take over the Internet. But what's to say that it hasn't already? Even so, we think the idea of living under the domination of a computer intelligence of our own creation is pretty cool.

          Everything is maintained (well, besides maintaining itself) by Nate Oostendorp

          Check out the Everything FAQ

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