Re: [unrev-II] readings list for engelbart issues class?

From: Henry K van Eyken (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 17:43:46 PDT

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    Reading your letter again, I believe that the book by Bardini will be the most worthwhile for your purpose.

    Henry wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I'm in an information science graduate program. I have potential
    > support from faculty (if I can come up with an adequate description)
    > for a readings seminar to discuss the philosophical and theoretical
    > issues associated with Engelbart's ideas on augmentation.
    > Where I need help is with possible readings for the class. We will
    > want both Engelbart's own writing as well as writing that he drew upon
    > in forming his ideas and writing that has drawn upon and expanded his
    > ideas (whether they acknowledge him or not).
    > The class would be targeted at students with some exposure (perhaps to
    > "Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework") beyond "he
    > invented the mouse" but nothing too deep with a goal of creating a
    > high resolution context for the fundamental ideas.
    > I can provide more detail on things if desired, but at this point I
    > think it might be more fulfilling to see where this takes us.
    > Thanks for your input.
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