Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 06:28:39 PST

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    Just a curiosity of mine: I am wondering if Kelly's Personal Construct
    Theory isn't at work in an IBIS-style discussion. If that were so, then
    Kelly would argue for some kind of sliding scale, with neutral being 0 in
    the center, and + and - 1 being the poles. One might then simply set the
    slider rather than make a statement, and follow that with a justification
    for the setting.


    At 10:11 AM 11/5/2001 +0000, you wrote:
    > >Actually, I note in one of Simon Buckingham Shum's papers in the D3E
    > >environment
    > ><>
    > /general/negotiating-org-mem/
    > >"Negotiating the Construction of Organisational Memories ",
    > >that the gIBIS implementation notation shown has a mixed +/- icon for an
    > >argument.
    > >Interesting.
    >Yes, QuestMap allows you to declare an argument as + (Pro) or -
    >(Con), or +/- (Neutral Argument)
    >In a particular mode (Quicklinking turned off) if a + is linked to an
    >Idea via a negative link, then the + is changed to a +/-
    >(and vice-versa)
    >Other notations use calmer icons (you can turn these off in QMap as
    >well), but these ones highlight the gestalt quickly.
    >It's designed for very rapid capture. Obviously, if something is a
    >Pro to one Idea, it may be a relative Con to others, but unless you
    >make those links explicitly (more overhead), it remains there
    >displayed as a Pro.
    >This move to explicit Pro and Con node types is different to
    >'classic' IBIS (possibly it was a marketing ploy!). It's better to
    >load the LINKS with the semantics, leaving the nodes neutral to play
    >whatever role between 2 nodes that the links infer.

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