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Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 23:51:07 PST

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    Persuasion; like using Strategic Initiatives' CoNexus® group interaction/visual

              "It is our belief that collaboration in a creative environment
              results in unique solutions that transcend the potential of the
              individual participants."

    In 1996, I was introduced to Charles Anders of Strategic Initiatives for a
    collaborative project. Strategic Initiatives was a strategic partner of
    LandTech® Financial and its RESCUE* (aka "handbook") program developed under
    collaboration with DOE/LLNL.
    *RESCUE (Risk Evaluation Strategy for Clean Up of the Environment) roadmap - an
    interactive internet-based manual detailing the processes, tools, and references
    needed for the restoration of contaminated sites to meet regulatory approval and
    closure requirements.
    < >
    < >

    LandTech® Financial provided a range of tax-exempt and taxable funding vehicles,
    proprietary services, products and programs, and liability indemnification
    mechanisms for:

       * Cleanup and reuse activities for environmentally impaired property (public
         or private property ownership);
       * Privatization of closing federal facilities;
       * Land purchase and/or facility retrofitting of environmentally sensitive
         properties /facilities;
       * Technology transfer commercialization initiatives.

    and CoNexus group interaction technology was applied whenever:

       * There are Multiple Stakeholders
       * The Issues are Emotional
       * There is a Lack of Trust
       * The Project is Controversial
       * The Process Lacks Credibility
       * Information is Not Shared Equally
       * The Stakes are High

    "Strategic Initiatives utilizes leading edge, group interaction technology, known
    as CoNexus, to assist groups and individuals to maximize their problem solving
    and creative potential. The CoNexus technology was developed by Dr. George Land
    founder of Leadership 2000, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Use of CoNexus technology results in a common understanding of the issues and an
    effective dialogue of potential strategies. Ideas are shared in a positive
    environment, which results in the creation of unique solutions that incorporate
    the combined knowledge and experience of the participants.

    Individual remote input devices allow each group member to simultaneously express
    their preferences regarding the issues being discussed. Through the use of
    computer analysis, the results are immediately presented back to the group for
    evaluation and discussion.

    All of the participant’s responses are confidential with equal weight being given
    to each group member. The high-energy process is fun and typically results in
    creating trust and mutual respect for group participants.

    Check out the CoNexus example to see how the process works."
    < >

    Jack Park wrote:

    > At 05:31 PM 11/5/2001 +0000, you wrote:
    > >Jack Park wrote:
    > > >.... wondering if Kelly's Personal Construct
    > > > Theory isn't at work in an IBIS-style discussion. If that were so, then
    > > > Kelly would argue for some kind of sliding scale, with neutral being 0 in
    > > > the center, and + and - 1 being the poles. One might then simply set the
    > > > slider rather than make a statement, and follow that with a justification
    > > > for the setting.
    > Peter Jones wrote:
    > >The quantitative correlate of persuasion?
    > >Intriguing idea. It sounds nice, but it also sounds like a category mistake.
    > >Would the justification by itself suffice?
    > Is sensemaking, maybe truth seeking, about persuasion?
    > Jack
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