Re: [unrev-II] Engines for Educators -- an online book

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 15:45:15 PST

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    > Jack Park wrote:
    > > I'll repeat it again: I
    > > don't see teaching as anything but learning facilitation. ...
    > >

    Speaking of ontology-building (/teaching/learning)...

    I see building as ontology-building, and see the process of mapping
    to the student's ontology as one of the things that a really exemplary
    teacher does.

    Along those lines...

    Imagine if my educational career consists of building my personal DKR,
    I take with me as I venture out into the world. That DKR contains the
    ontologies with which I have worked.

    Now suppose that every time I reference a concept in some way, a use
    gets incremented. Over time, the use count provides a measure of the
    in which I am *fluent*.

    That fluency-measure makes possible a couple of extremely interesting
       1) Automated teaching systems that find isomorphic ontology-segments
           guided by common-sense reasoning to relate new things to stuff I
           most familiar with, automatically constructing analogies to tell
    me that
           new concept X is "like Y", with which I am already familiar.

       2) Instead of relying on grades, the fluency measure in one's
            DKR provides a reliable measure of aptitude for various tasks.
            In addition to exact-match ontologies, automated systems could
            conceivably find isomorophic-ontology fluencies that would
            success in new endeavors.

            Such a system would:
               a) Put experiential learning on an even footing with academic

                   instruction, for the first time ever -- neither
    overwieighting it
                   nor underweighting it.

               b) Give people greater freedom to do new things, while
                    employers that they have a solid candidate, even without

                    "exact match" credentials.

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