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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Session 1
Why Japan as a nation could benefit from bootstrapping
Masakazu Ohashi
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This is our honor to join EngelbartĀ's Colloquium. 2

In Japan, innovation of the social system is most important thing recently. And based on Japanese social system is analog system. For example, manufacturing system, quality control, and the production system, and so on, are based on analog system. 3

Japan has a very high-level educational system, but next century, data society and networking society are met. This system is based on data system. So, we have a next-generation system. We make many fields. But, we have no meta-theory. 4

Meta-theory is most important thing for next generation. EngelbartĀ's theory is most suitable for the next generation. 5

Thank you very much. 6

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