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Bootstrap Institute logo Doug Engelbart's
   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"

June 24, 2003
Index of guest speakers' biographies  1A
Armstrong, Eric
Bosak, John
Brown, Allen
Carlson, Curtis
Cox, Alan
Crane, Hew
Cheyer, Adam
DiPaolo, Andy
Glenn, Jerry
Engelbart, Doug
Harte, Michael
Hoffmann, Marcelo
Jacobstein, Neil
Jones, Tanya
Kinderman, Ed
McEachron, Norman
Nelson, Ted
Neumann, Peter
Ohashi, Masakazu
Pam, Andrew
Park, Jack
Pea, Roy
Peterson, Christine
Poggio, Andy
Rheingold, Howard
Rulifson, Jeff
Rush, Pat
Schaer, Werner
Scott, Neil
Simons, Barbara
Spohrer, Jim
Swanborg, Rick
Swigart, Rob
Uyetani, Aki
Winograd, Terry
Yim, Peter  2

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