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Doug Engelbart was a prominent pioneer of the Information Age, whose visionary research beginning in the 1960s and 1970s spawned more break­through innovation, repeatedly, than probably any lab of its kind, before or since. His success was rooted in a profound vision for humanity, and in what he considered his most important break­through – a compre­hensive inno­va­tion design strategy that informed and continu­ously refined his research throughout his career.

Here we have assembled some of his key lectures and interviews, and invite you to learn from the man himself, in his own words, his message for the future, what he wanted you to know, what he saw was so important to pursue, why it's still so important to your teams, organizations and society today – a strategic approach for accelerating progress, including the paradigm shifts that will be needed, and where to find the points of greatest leverage to fully realize our highest potential in the face of accelerating change.

Since Doug's strategic vision is multi-dimensional, and relational rather than linear, it helps to watch him presenting in a variety of contexts for the interplay of concepts to become clear. For more on the presentation format, see About Doug's Bootstrap "Paradigm Map".

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Doug's Big Idea Worth Spreading 2

If we had to pick one for a TED Talk, this would be it.

In a Nutshell 3

Vision Highlights (7 min)

A tribute video produced in honor of Doug's 2009 NMC Fellow Award by the New Media Consortium. Using footage from a 2002 interview about Doug's strategic vision, including short clips from the 1968 demo; no slides used but great coverage of key topics, excellent overview or intro to Doug's thinking.

Visionary Leaders of the Information Age (23 min)

Futurist Marc Doyle interviews Doug Engelbart using slides from his "Paradigm Map" leads with a brief intro and historic footage (skipped over in this excerpt). Produced 1995 by JCN Educational Network. See Doug's slides.

Management Seminars 4

Here Doug unfolds his strategic vision using his Bootstrap "Paradigm Map", including fifteen 'tiles,' each representing a different paradigm that will need to shift to realize the organization's full potential. Depending on the audience, he spends more or less time on selected topics. For complete slidedeck and navigation instructions, see Slides section of our Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" resources portal.

Tech Talks 5

Talks by Engelbart and colleagues for the technical audience. For more on Doug's call to action to the tech community, visit About Open Hyperdocument Systems (OHS).

1. Vannevar Bush Symposium

Doug presenting at the 1995 Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium commemorating the 50th anniversary of As We May Think, introduced by Andy van Dam. Follow along with Doug's slides and Abstract for this talk. See our event site for more.

2. Augmenting Human Intellect: Then and Now

Doug and team co-presented at a special event in 1997 marking the 35th anniversary of his seminal 1962 Conceptual Framework, which drove his life's work. Speaking here on operationalizing the vision and and key strategies - past and future - are Jeff Rulifson and Charles Irby, who served successively as Chief Architect in Doug's legendary lab.

3. 25th ARPANet Anniversary

Doug's Distringuished Lecture presented during the 25th ARPANet anniversary celebrations at BBN (1994).

Bonus Keynote 6

Doug Engelbart's last recorded lecture, aimed at the challenge of raising society's Collective IQ as a global imperative, at the level of a Grand Challenge, or rather the 'mother of Grand Challenges' -- solving for this boosts our effectiveness in all other challenges, grand or otherwise.

Detailed Review 7

Deep Dive Intensives 8

1992 Bootstrap Seminar (Intro)

Titled Bootstrapping Organizations into the 21st Century, this three-day management seminar predates the interactive Bootstrap Paradigm Map, but goes into much more detail on each of the topics covered by the map. Refer to Seminar website for program, courseware, and chapterized video sessions from this seminar.

Engelbart's Colloquium at Stanford (Intro)

Titled An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution", Doug's most comprehensive management seminar, covering the same strategic concepts in greater detail, with guest speakers from industry and the public sector. See Detailed Review above to watch the final session, and our Colloqium website for program, videos, speakers bios, etc.

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