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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [xml-dev] ANN: Tiny API for Markup, Parser

>From: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@simonstl.com>
>To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>I've released a first version of the Tiny API for Markup (TAM) and a
>Java 2 Micro Edition parser that supports it.  I originally started
>writing this as part of a project for supporting a very small subset of
>SVG on the Palm, but it acquired a life of its own.
>The API is based loosely on SAX2, though the looseness has increased
>over time.  TAM both subsets and supersets SAX2's core ContentHandler
>interface, and changes from (uri, localName, qName) to (uri, localName,
>prefix).  SAX2 developers should find it familiar, but direct
>compatibility with SAX2 was definitely not a goal.
>This parser is _not_ XML 1.0-compliant, primarily because it doesn't
>support DOCTYPE processing at all.  J2ME is a very constrictive
>environment, so I've made some reductions and passed responsibility from
>the parser to the application.  The TAM API provides an event that
>reports the entire DOCTYPE declaration to the application, which is then
>responsible for any DOCTYPE processing that may be necessary.  TAM will
>resolve simple entities if the application registers them with the
>parser, but does not handle entities which contain markup - that's a job
>for the application.
>This parser does support namespaces, and namespace declarations are
>reported as attributes.  The startPrefix/endPrefix methods of SAX2 are
>not supported by TAM.
>The current version also does very little character checking of markup,
>and while it normalizes line-ends, it doesn't do attribute white-space
>normalization.  These features (and DOCTYPE processing) will appear in a
>later version of the parser which supports more of XML 1.0 and also
>Markup Object Events (MOE):
>The TAM API interface and TAMException class are in the public domain,
>while the parser is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, version
>1.1.  While this code is written for J2ME, it also works in J2SE and
>should be fine in any Java 2 environment.
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