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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Adding more lift than drag

Relative to "collaboration gets traction when you build prototypes and
communicate about those prototypes", please read Howard Rheihgold's et al.
approach for implementing a StarOffice application for "C-activities" (i.e.,
improving to improve).    (01)

How Online Social Networks Benefit Organizations
< http://www.rheingold.com/Associates/onlinenetworks.html >    (02)

A Community of Peers is a formal Social Network that aligns people via
affiliation, peer encouragement, recognition. An example is Howard Rheingold’s
Brainstorms Community  which is organized around online topics hosted by
volunteers and paid associates.    (03)

Their platform and facilitation services support teams to develop their
knowledge and skills in using technology in an experiential way for structuring
problem solving capabilities for figuring out breakthroughts on "wicked
problems" (i.e., they will learn how to use the system as they participate in
groups and projects).
<  http://www.rheingold.com/Associates/tools.html >    (04)

In conclusion, working collaboratively online offers 'Fleecing of America'
organizations like the Enron (Laydoff.com), Global-Crossings, and Tyco debacles
, etc., who are trying to cope with increasingly complex and urgent "wicked"
problems on a societal-scale, an opportunity to maximize the use of web-based
technology to develop effective, purposeful teams – and get measurable results
through project outcomes and organizational learning.    (05)

For example, I really like their Web-based tools like PRISM for both Linear and
Threaded Discussion because:    (06)

          "The Prism platform is founded upon ASP.Net, integrating
          XML Web Services, WDSL/SOAP, SQL2K, BIZ TALK Server, MS
          Office, SUN StarOffice. It is fully compliant with W3C HTML
          4.01 ISO standards."
          < http://www.iprism.ws/ >    (07)

          "Integration with MS OFFICE and SUN StarOffice
          (open-source), Prism was the first collaborative
          conversation system to integrate ASP.Net with a classic
          online conversational discussion method for team based
          forums, Online Project Management and e-Learning.    (08)

          Founded on a classic conversational model, Prism has
          evolved a unique method to integrate threaded discussions
          within a navigational schema. Index menus with tooltip
          descriptors can be created within every topic item giving
          each user the ability to create coherent content
          structures. This system then enables thoughtful, productive
          asynchronous conversation and robust collaboration."    (09)

For more info, please contact:
Howard Rheingold
<  mailto:hlr@well.com >    (010)

Jack Park wrote:    (011)

> Collaboration environments, informal organizations, and Researchers'
> activities.
> http://eoe.org/forum/presentations/EOE_june_2002.ppt
> A talk given at eoe  (eoe.org) this morning by Jamie Dinkelacker.
>  From my notes and Slide 3, where there needs to be a Unified Purpose and
> Common Values, he said that's just not going to happen.  The problem is
> "getting insufferable prima donnas to collaborate".  And "collaborate is
> like love -- means something different to everyone."
> He later said " collaboration gets traction when you build prototypes and
> communicate about those prototypes"
> Then, "scope creep kills projects. managing scope is critical."
> He then quoted James Barksdale "The main thing is to keep the main thing
> the main thing"
> I came away from the talk seeing opportunity for much contemplation
> regarding getting an OHS off the ground, and I also came away agreeing that
> getting prototypes, all sorts of prototypes, built is a good thing.
> Jack    (012)