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[ba-unrev-talk] Vision and Reality of HT and GUIs (thesis)

Good morning,    (01)

with my first mail to this list I would like to present my Master¹s thesis entitled "Vision and Reality of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces". Some chapters and a bunch of additional information is online at    (02)

  http://www.mprove.de/diplom/    (03)

Abstract    (04)

The World Wide Web took off ten years ago. Its tremendous success makes it easy to forget the more than forty years of hypertext development that preceded the Web. Similarly, modern graphical user interfaces have drawn attention away from the many compelling ideas behind earlier user interface designs. In the present thesis, numerous early hypertext and graphical user interface systems are presented and contrasted with today's Web and desktop interfaces. The designers of early hypertext and graphical user interface systems shared a common objective: the development of a personal dynamic medium for creative thought. Not very much is left from this original vision. Retrospect reveals promising insights that might help to reconcile the desktop environment with the Web in order to design a consistent and powerful way to interact with the computer.    (05)

Matthias Müller-Prove    (06)

User-Centered Software Design                 http://www.mprove.de    (07)