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[ba-unrev-talk] Where is Kananaskis?

re. G8 Summit    (01)

"...Thousands of police and troops -- armed with laser-guided anti-aircraft
missiles, tanks and helicopters -- will be on duty..."    (02)

"...which could cost as much as $330 million because of the enormous
security costs..."    (03)

Sounds like the G8 could use PlaceWare, WebEx or IM for their fleeting and
synchronous interactions -- just like the rest of us.    (04)

Why do they need to convene in the deep back woods anyway? Aren't the G8
democracies?    (05)

What/who are they afraid of anyway?    (06)

Remember, in world government there is no First Amendment, so I guess it
makes sense.    (07)

Do they really need $330 mil (US) to protect them from their electorates,
citizens and the 'consent of the governed?'    (08)

Why are ALL these insidious meta-government meetings sealed-off and top
secret?    (09)

Ironic that their agenda is filled with issues they created and will never
be able to solve.    (010)

Cheers,    (011)

-jtm    (012)