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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] News from Johannesburg (2)

At 07:20 AM 9/10/2002 -0700, John Maloney wrote:    (01)

"Ad Hominem Argument or Genetic Fallacy ( Argument to the Man) Guilt by 
Association - Attacking a person rather than the argument. "    (02)

At 03:41 PM 9/10/2002 -0700, John Maloney wrote:    (03)

>Here is a good example of how your beloved EU and the insane WTO sell
>America down the river. These unelected 'three-judge panels' are making
>fools out of all Americans. It is sickening.
>Of course, the US has no veto power and cannot retaliate. Disgraceful.
>What do you think will be the result of this hegemony? Harmony in
>sustainable development? Nope. It will generate more rancor and
>distance. Do you reasonably think the US would step into another big
>mess like the Kyoto Protocol? 'Fraid not. Once bitten, twice shy.
>The Earth Summit was a farce.
>Do you 'get it' yet?
>The doctrine of the WTO is drenched in 19th Century free-trade beliefs
>that rendered England, the cradle of the industrial revolution, into a
>third-rate manufacturer.
>The 13 colonies resisted all forms of free trade and economic
>integration. That resulted in creation of the greatest economic power on
>Every president on Mt. Rushmore was severely ridiculed by phony
>intellectuals and smarmy globalists for being 'protectionist.' In fact,
>all they were doing was putting America First.
>Do you have a problem with that?
>Do you know who has the fastest growing economy in today's world? That's
>right, the communists in China. Oh, and by they way, they are by far the
>most protectionist.
>How can this be made more clear?
>Sadly, there will probably be more, not less, of this dangerous economic
>integration and globalization. It is creating a dangerous and perilous
>future for all.
>-jtm    (04)

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