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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] News from Johannesburg (2)

On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, at 08:11  AM, John Maloney wrote:
> Every president on Mt. Rushmore was severely ridiculed by phony
> intellectuals and smarmy globalists for being 'protectionist.' In fact,
> all they were doing was putting America First.
> Do you have a problem with that?    (01)

Yeah, coz I'm not American and America has been putting itself first 
for so long that it's the world superpower with no checks or controls 
to prevent it from being a Rogue Nation.    (02)

Have you looked to see how often your own Constitution is regularly and 
repeatedly violated with illegal amendments? Have you wondered why most 
changes are made through the Tax Code rather than direct law?    (03)

Nothing is going to stop this, other than a paradigm changing 
(un-)revolution. Not the boring kind that's happened in the past, but 
the kind that happens when people have new tools that create new 
capabilities.    (04)

How about focussing on technology to help _PEOPLE_ work together 
instead of this pointless attempt to sway us to your specific brand of 
parochial thought?    (05)

   spwhite@chariot.net.au    (06)