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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Corporate Morality

The reasoning off only with respect to "intent". The majority
doesn't intend the consequences, but getting them seems to be
built into the system.    (01)

This whole line of thought has led to an essay titled "what's
wrong with capitalism?" It plunged into my brain this morning.
I'll try to get something on paper soon.    (02)

But the question you ask raises a corrolary issue, "what's
wrong with democracy?"     (03)

(The titles are intended to be read ambiguously, as in "So
what's wrong with a little capitalism?" (it's a good thing)
in addition to "how do we fix this?".)    (04)

Peter Jones wrote:
> Wow. That has to be the worst piece of reasoning I've ever published.
> I'll try again later.
> "I cite having a bad headache by way of mitigation, your honour."
> --
> Peter
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> > I did intend 'corporate morality'.
> > Certainly the herd instinct theory does seem to explain matters in that area,
> > but then it fails to explain why 'democracies' have failed to bring into being
> > stricter employment laws to prevent such practices - assuming the majority do
> > really prevail in such societies. Does this mean that the majority actually
> > enjoy inflicting this sort of psychological torture?
> > That it is some sort of mass habit?
> > Scary.
> >
> > For those wondering about the background to this discussion, we were
> discussing
> > the content of www.faceintel.com    (05)