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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Scopeware

da - dan ancona wrote:    (01)

> I have a slight problem with Gelertner's approach, too.  It seems like the
> way to design a system like this is to create something small and useful
> and either free or very inexpensive and evolve it from there.  They
> monolithic development and sale of very expensive licenses to a very small
> number of customers approach seems so 1995 to me.  :)    (02)

My inclination is to agree. While a business model requires income, a
"revolution model" requires adherents. The most successful revolutions
of the last decade have utilized both:
   * free viewer software to see stuff (browsers, pdf viewers)
   * simple ways to copy and modify things to create simple stuff (HTML pages)
   * pay-to-play software for creating large &/or custom things easily
      (HTML editors)    (03)