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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Session 5
OHS: A proposal for moving forward
Adam Cheyer1.*
- unedited transcript -

OHS: A proposal for moving forward
  • First goal

  • - Docs: e-mail, web, Augment, source code 
    - Capabilities: publishing with version control, adaptable views in browser, simple editor 
  • Approach 

  • - Define XML schema for target docs, create translators 
    - Publishing: WebDAV server (ZOPE?, Apache?), eventually add CVS or other version control 
    - Views: Proxy (WBI?, Servlet+XSL?) translates source
    - Editor: Initially applet-based XML editor with WebDAV 
    - Actions & filters: associated with document lifecycle examples: validate, compile, spell check

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