Note: As of 2005, we are no longer actively soliciting comments on this site. If you feel you have an important contribution to make, please send it by email to us at the Stanford University Libraries, and we'll be sure to archive it for future inclusion.

Persons:Who were they? What did they do on the project? What were the courses of their subsequent careers? Where are they now? We will contact as many of the original group as possible, asking them to contribute their autobiographies to our archive and to discuss their role in the development of the NLS, Augment, and subsequent projects. We want to construct a genealogy of the group.

Devices:We are collecting stories about the development of different hardware and software components, such as the mouse, the chord keyset, keyboards, lightpens, windowing, hypertext, graphical displays, and many others.

Culture:We are interested in collecting stories about the life of the group, including stories about the daily life of ARC, visits of outside reviewers from ARPA, Air Force, the group's seminars on ways to improve the performance of organizations through improved communications, and their developing views on human-computer interaction.

Wider Social and Historical Context: We are interested in situating the development of these technologies in the context of other events of the time and the work of other groups, such as Project Mac at MIT and other projects supported by ARPA's Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO). In light of the recent take-off of the Internet and the growing demand for networked resources, the question leaps out: Why did it take so long? What conditions in the cultural environment prevented the immediate adoption of ideas presented in the 1968 demo? What changes have occurred in technology and the perception of users that have launched this revolutionary turn?


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