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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Corporate Morality

I LOVE that statement.  TRUE Bootstrapping!  “Clearly I'm
having a bad brain day.”     ROFL.  Maybe we can rope Douglas
Hofstadter into the newsgroup.    (01)

By the by, I've been meaning to ask you, Peter.  Were you ever
involved in radio plays?    (02)

With regards to corporate morality, I worked for 12 years with a
semiconductor equipment company.  During that time this
particular company went from pretty darn good to ,well, a
substantial degree less than good as they made their way to
become the #1 supplier in their field.  It is amazing to me that so
many good people working in a group could come to such a
miserable state.    (03)

First of all, everyone is pushed to his or her limits and the Peter
Principle comes into play.  All you need is to have one division VP
who is a good manager, but never the less, at his limits.  He is
unable to digest all the info and relies on a shallow knowledge of
how things are going.  This is a situation ripe for a politically adept
person or persons at the next level down to take immoral actions
with his group and with his co-managers.  Co-managers respond in
kind in attempt to protect themselves and soon the whole division
is poisoned.  Productivity falls and creativity are diverted to spin
doctoring rather than problem solving.  Talent goes into shifting
blame and other dark arts.  If the product being produced has really
good margins, there is little restraint on this kind of behavior.
When profits are good, culture changes are unlikely.  If one is in
the business of fixing this kind of situation, it is wise to wait for
hard times.  One needs the luxury of “Dire Straits”    (04)

I wish I could say that this is theory, but I was there, I watched it
  happen.  There is more to be said, but I don’t trust myself not to
start ranting so I will rest on the above afflictions. (reflections?)    (05)

Gerald Pierce
Q. E. D. Services    (06)

Peter Jones wrote:
> And the other is that I can't count.
> Clearly I'm having a bad brain day.
> --
> Peter
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>>I think it was the lab coat man that put me off track.;-)
>>He's an authority figure, which isn't quite the same as the herd instinct
>>pattern in my view.
>>    (07)